Here is a quick list of some of the important people in my life, in no particular order:

Hart~ My now ex… yeah, I screwed that up badly…

Pet~ My potential submissive. He is my new toy. I like him VERY much. ūüôā

Nightengale~ My ex fiance, my current friend. He is a writer, photographer, and awesomely odd person. He makes me smile.

Pocket~ One of Hart’s now ex’s .

Evey~ A partner of Hart’s.¬† She’s a goddess¬†of blogging awesomeness.¬†

Sy~ My formerly very good friend

C~ Sy’s wife, my former lust crush, former boss, former co-worker.¬† She’s incredibly intelligent and sarcastic.

Sugar~ My oldest son.¬† I’m proudly raising the next generation of smart asses.¬†¬†He is obsessed with vampires, blood, Jack Skelington, dinosaurs, and is a little gothy ball of cool. He hates Twilight, and has determined Edward Cullen is an enemy of his state. He¬†is 8 and has ¬†his first World of Warcraft character… I promised him this when he was 5, I would have figured he’d have forgotten this by now.¬†¬†Spiky red¬†hair and blue eyes, but wants a blue mohawk for the summer.

Bear~ My daughter, and part 1 of the twins.¬† She’s my logical and dominant kid.¬† She is 6, and reads massive chapter books… she just finished The Little Prince, in the original French.¬† She has a heart condition, but it doesn’t change her attitude. She’s a modern girly girl.¬† She has inheritted my sense of sarcasm.¬† Told her twin brother over the weekend “If you don’t quit touching me, I’m going to rip off your fingers and make you pick the dog’s nose”¬† She is the only child I know who has taken 30 some odd weeks of swim lessons, and has only gotten her hair wet 3 times. She has determined she will be the evil overlord of the world.

Pickle~ My younger son, and part 2 of the twins.¬† He’s all boy. Runs and runs and runs and falls and gets bloody and doesn’t care.¬† He’s… ummm… pretty.¬† Gods bless him, one day we’ll find him a nice rich woman to take care of him.¬† He once stood in front of the refridgerator for 5 minutes talking about how a bowl of chili was in front of his milk, until Bear came over with a sigh and told him “you know, you CAN move the chili right?” and grabbed the bowl. He grabbed his milk, grinned big, and thanked her as he skipped away.¬† He once put on a mock Queen concert for his toys once, used his GI Joe as Freddy Mercury, slapped an Arctic Batman sparkly cape on it and TADA!

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