I should probably explain who I am.  🙂  I’m a 29 yr old, strange soup of awesomeness… Wow, that was very ‘own horn tooting’ -ish, but you know what I mean. 🙂

Either way…so the thing is, I’m a little bit different than your average bear.  I am polyamorous, a switch in the BDSM lifepath, bi, a witch, a bitch, a kitty, a mom, a hopeless flirt, and an endless optimist with a wicked depression streak.  I’m hopeful and happy, open and honest, sarcastic but overly P.C., Wonder Girl/ Damsel in Distress.  I’m a movie buff, an urban hippy, a freak, a geek, a fat chick working to lose weight, a treasure trove of useless information, and last but not least, I AM A MEAT POPSICLE! (P.S. If you get that, you are automatically allowed to stay, like, forever. Just sayin.)

So, either way, welcome, and enjoy, or don’t and leave me crappy messages, ya’ know, either way…

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  1. Firewalker says:

    Bit of a dolcette fan are we?

  2. Scintillio says:

    What?!? No Isis or Wonder Twins mentioned? 😉

    Oh and I always ask what the red button does 😀


  3. b.torres says:

    I can honestly say I have never had such a braingasn as I did when just now started reading your blog. You are exquisite and can finger bang my intelectual side anyday. You really are a talented writer with all your eloquence and nuance.

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