“Hello Pet,” I growl as you come through the hallway door to your apartment’s floor, “You’re out late this evening.”  You weren’t expecting me tonight, your mouth hanging open for a moment, shocked to see me leaning against the cheap plaster of the hall in my trench coat. “Aren’t you going to say hi?” I mock pout. “Um, of course Princess, sorry Princess,” you sputter as I move to you. I kiss you lightly, “You were planning to open your door.”

      You fumble with your keys, and I grin evilly. As we walk through the door, you turn to say something, but I slip my hand around your neck and push you back against the wall.  I press against you; kissing you hard and deep.  My nails digging into the flesh of your neck, as I lick lightly at your lips.  A groan escaping from between your lips as I squeeze your neck tightly between my fingers.  My knee works between yours, massaging your dick and balls.  My lips and hands move further down your body, teeth sinking into your tender neck, nails scraping your shoulders and arms.  I slam you against the wall again, “Stay,” and I back away from you.

     I strip slowly out of my coat, just out of your reach, revealing a black lace bra, ruffled panties, garter belt, and black silk thigh highs.  I walk to the bedroom, sitting in the chair, and propping my high heels on your bed.  “Come show me that you missed me, pet.” You walk over and try to kiss me, but I cover your mouth with a finger, “NO, on your knees.” You slip down by my feet, running your hand up my leg, over the silky stocking. I tap my polished nails across the front of my wet panties, “Do you like my outfit, punk?” You nod and gulp. “Then come show me,” I order as I move my ass to the edge of the chair.  “Undo my stockings, and remove my panties.” “Yes Miss,” you whisper as you undo the metal clasps, and tug at the lacy fabric.

      I stand and let you pull them to my ankles, kissing your way back up my legs.  I grab the back of your head, and pull it hard against my pussy, just long enough to let you smell how hot and wet I am.  “On your feet, pet.  Turn around,” I say as I pull you up. The rope  slips over your wrists, pulling tight, and I turn you back around.

  I push you onto the bed, and straddle your chest. I slip a finger into my slit, and start finger banging myself, inches from your mouth. “You want to please me, right pet?” “Yes Princess very much.” “I don’t know if I should let bad boys who stay out late please me,” I murmur as I start to drip on your chest. “Please Miss? Please?” “Mmmm… pet, you beg so pretty,” I purr and rock forward smothering your face in my pussy, “Lick pet, or you aren’t going to ber breathing anytime soon.”

      You dart your tongue across my clit, sucking it in and out.  You run your tongue across the length of my dripping pussy and pull deep into it, plunging in and out. I pull away a bit letting you gasp in breath.  “Lick my clit and make me cum, baby,” I order, pinching my nipples through the lace of my bra. You lick and suck as my hips start to buck. “Oh Gods, make me cum pet!” My moans grow as I grind against your mouth. “Yes, pet, do it!” I feel the orgasm rolling deep inside of me. “YES BABY! OH!” I scream as I cum and pour into your mouth, “Drink it all up baby!” You gulp and slurp like a good boy as wave after wave crashes over me.

  I recover, and slide down your body, running my tongue over your hard cock. “Mmm… so hard, just for me… too bad you don’t get to fuck me tonight. You aren’t THAT good of a boy.” “Princess?”  I roll you over, and shove a pillow under you, putting your hips up a little higher for me.  Removing my shoes, I leave the room, and come back wearing the strap-on and carrying the lube which I had hidden in my trench. “No, tonight, tonight, I’m going to fuck YOUR pretty little ass.” You try straining against your bounds, whimpering for me to let you go.  I giggle cruelly, “Oh, you don’t get to get out today, lovey.”

  I coat the rubber cock in lube, and you jump a little as I rub lube slowly over your asshole. I slip a finger inside you easily. You moan a little as I slip a second finger up your rear, and scrape my nails down your back. I pull my fingers back and forth until you push back against them just a little. I push my other hand between your shoulder blades, and whisper in your ear to be a good boy. 

  I rub the head of the cock against your ass and slip slowly inside of you until I am deep inside your ass. I pump slowly in and out of you as you start to moan, and move against your ropes.  I start to move faster as your moaning gets loader.  Your breath gasping in and out. “Please Miss! Please let me fuck you! I want you so badly!” I laugh out loud, and pound you harder. “Awwww… poor baby, I should just not let you cum at all tonight!” You whimper into the mattress.

      “PLEASE Miss! PLEASE let me cum!” I fuck your ass harder and grip your hips, digging my nails in. I undo your hands and pull you to your knees. I slip between your legs, press your rocky dick between my tits, and  pour a little lube between my mountains. “This is the only fuck you’ll get tonight so do my tits right. I want your cum all over me,” I purr as I lick your head. You slide back and forth along my breasts, pinching my nipples and making my pussy tingle again.  You pump harder and faster, as your balls start to tighten. “That’s right pet, cum on my pretty red lips!”  You groan and splash hot saltiness across my chest and lips. “Mmmm… yes pet! Shoot for me…” I grab your ass and take your cock  in my mouth as you finish, and your cum slides down my throat.

     You slip down beside me, snuggling against me, smiling at me tasting your cum on my tits. We  lie in each others arms for a minute.  “Now that you’ve had dessert, pet, go make me dinner.”

      …But that is another story entirely.

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