For all the ways in which I am screwed up, and bent, and not ok, and annoying, and awful, and messed, sex… sex isn’t one of them.  Sex has always been awesome to me.  I’ve always loved sex, the closeness, the intimacy, the rawness of sex.

  I loved the idea of sex as a kid.  I played doctor with the boys at school. I let my first boyfriend play with my boobs in my zip down shirt. I eagerly let my mind run wild with logistics the moment I found out what 69 meant.  I dunno, maybe it’s because that was the one thing my family was never taboo about, maybe I was kinky all along, but it wasn’t ever really something I’ve worried on… I just kindof, let it be.

  So when I got older, and started getting off, it was glorious.  I found out about masturbation through my mother’s book “Drive Him Wild In Bed”, and spent the next few days fapping off to my father’s Penthouses, it was awesome!  I felt more guilty about the fact that I was watching TV when I wasn’t supposed to, than the fact that it was porn…

  And as I found men, I didn’t worry about being a slut.  I didn’t spend my time in bed hoping I was skinny enough, or pretty, or good enough, or anything but the fact that they were there, and so was I and the sex was great, and even when it wasn’t, it still wasn’t that bad, and when it was that bad, fuck it, I just didn’t do it with that person again.  I went for it, and fucked like a godess, even when I was a mess everywhere else.  And I didn’t look at my partners in that moment like the messes they were, and we just had fun and connected.  I didn’t worry about the cross dresser or the one who couldn’t get it up or the one wanting me to spank him or the one who asked ‘who’s your daddy’ or the one who wanted me to rim him, cuz you know what, it was something new and it was something interesting, and I did it cuz I wanted to.

  Girls, girls are soft, girls are different, and girls are interesting.  I like girls and guys, and when I had my first girlfriend, we giggled while we fucked, cuz we didn’t know what the hell else to do, and it was fun too.

  Kink just helped me find another part of myself, but didn’t change who I am.  I changed. I evolved. To me kink just helped me find more of that, and I love it!

  I love sex, sex is great, sex is fun, I encourage everyone to have sex… a lot… in many configurations and positions and with lots of people… just have FUN, cuz THAT is what sex is to me.

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