My apologies for not posting last night. I had a massive migraine, and was resting for a long time. Either way, so in replacement of that post, you get to hear a momentary rant from your favorite slutty friend.

*ahem* If I have the ability to ruin your life, to bring your world crashing down around you, and you realize that I read the things you write in a public forum, perhaps, just perhaps, you should refrain from calling me an insane bitch. Perhaps you should refrain from saying that you don’t know what happened, and from telling OUR friends that I did a total 180 without warning.  That when I didn’t get my way, I flipped on you (lying ass). That you don’t understand why I don’t like you anymore, in order to try to garner sympathy, and make yourself look good. Well guess what…

  I could fuck your life right up the ass without lube, but you know what, I’m nicer than that. I AM the better man, and I’m a woman.  I will always stronger, more capable, and more fabulous than you.  I’m not insane, and I won’t shatter your life, cuz I like your spouse too much to hurt them like that. NOT you, THEM. They deserve MUCH more than you, and you had damned well better count your lucky little stars that they never figure out the scum that you are.

Have a nice day, fuck nut.

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