I am finding I am having trouble figuring out how to describe my new Pet to all of you readers.  Things kept sounding very clinical and dry, but I certainly do want to tell you all about him. He is smart, handsome, a flatterer and a good service boy. So, I think I will give you a run down of a couple of instances inside my head with him.

  He bought me iced tea, and here we were talking to no end about kink and experiences and other tempting things in the middle of the yuppy coffee franchise.  The man beside us plugs in ear buds to keep from hearing the politically incorrect, blatant conversation.  I had told him previously to get in my fucking car because he wanted to be a silly boy and walk miles in the dark to get home, and now here was this cute physicist geek, grinning at me unsuspectingly, as I try not to devour him whole in the espresso laden cafe. I tell this new, shiny boy that I need to get going now, and instruct him to come out to my car with me.  We walk out, and I look at him… I would love to kiss him, but get self-conscious last-minute and hug him instead… Even when I’m dominant, I can chicken out. 🙂

  Lying in bed naked with my laptop on my tits… it sounds terribly sexy, but it’s just what I do… I sit reviewing the negotiation list Pet filled out at my request. I highlight the highest rated activities in yellow, and smile at the comments. Plans of pain dance through my head. We had a delightful evening last week of making out, his service, and I giggle thinking of the shouts from friends to ‘get a room!”  We have been talking for several days straight about what we are looking for.  He calls me Princess now… A girl could get used to this.

  He sighs as I run my nails over his back, and bite hard into his shoulder. A giggle escapes me as his shoulder turns purple. Oh, this boy will be fun! We kiss wildly, with reckless abandon for an hour or more. Gods, how I love making out! I’ve missed the dance of breath, the ebb and flow of heat as one person pushes hard, waiting for the other to respond. GAH! Awesome!

Grinning, I test how much my little pet can take. An experiment in pain. I bite his legs, dig my nails deep into his flesh, sink my teeth into his wrists. I’m getting heady from his moans and pleading whisper.  Turned on, getting hotter, I allow him to kiss me again, his fingers trailing my sides down to my wet pussy. He tries to start pumping hard into my slick lips but I whisper to go deep and slow at first. We keep kissing as he fingers me til I am dripping. “Harder,” I command. He pulses hard with his fingers, speeding his pace. He bites and licks my tits. My hips pull back and forth on his hand, and I can’t help but start to shout out as I get closer and closer to the edge. He starts to pound his fingers into me, as I scream in pleasure. I can hear him goading me, begging me for more, my cum covering his fingers… seeping onto his comforter. I cum hard and over and over again throughout the afternoon, stopped only when the maintenance man knocks on the apartment door to do work… I wonder just what he thought of the pet answering the door in a blanket, covered in bruises and bite marks. *GRIN* A question for another day.

I think, oh yes, I think this delightful, sweet, sensual, and caring boy will get to stay at my feet for some time. I want this Pet for my very own.

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