The crisp air flows over my body as I enter the extra bedroom, the bath sheet wrapped around my warm, perfumed skin.  I smooth back the covers and crawl atop the sheet.  Taking a bit of water, I slip the sleeping pills into my mouth and swallow.  I lay in the stillness until the room begins to spin in the half-light.  The cool air makes my nipples tighten and the breeze caresses my nakedness, until in a deep haze I begin to sleep.
  I feel the bed sag beneath a weight, but fight to open my eyes.  Now on my stomach, I start to roll over, but am stopped as my wrists catch on rope bindings I didn’t know were there.  Suddenly alert, I go to scream for You, but a gag is quickly shoved in my mouth and tightened around my head.  The solid weighted man is on top of me now, shoving my head into my pillow. I try to buck. I try to scream, but he  grasps my hair and pushes it harder to the mattress.  His forearm pushes into my spine, forcing my shoulder blades down.  His fingers dig into my waist as he pulls me around to face him.  Straddling my chest He growls at me thru his mask, “Will you be a good bitch if I unmuzzled you or will I have to beat the fuck out of you? Not like anyone would give a shit if you screamed anyways.”  I nod vigorously, trying to form the words around the ball.  The man takes the gag from my mouth and immediately replaces it with his rock hard cock.
  He begins to shove his cock deep into my throat, bruising the back of my mouth as he fucks my face.  I struggle as he pushes himself so far in that I can’t breathe, the corners of my vision starting to blur, but he grabs the back of my head and forces it down further as my eyes water.  He pumps in and out, gaining momentum. A sob escapes as he pulls out.  His leather glove strikes my cheek. “Shut up, or the gag goes back, got it?” “Yes Sir” escapes my lips, and the masked man laughs deeply. “There are no gentlemen here girl!”
  He pulls me over and drags my pillows from under me, until my ass is high in the air.  He buries himself deep in my pussy and pulls out quickly.  “You dirty slut, your pussy is all wet from sucking my dick, you love it, you want it don’t you!  Say it!” He jerks my neck back towards him “I…I do… I want it…” “SAY IT LOUDER SLUT!” “I want… I want your dick in my mouth”  “It’s not going in your mouth anymore slut”  He growls as he pushes his cock up my juicy slit. 
  I yelp in pain as he hits my cervix.  “Keep it quiet, not a word!”  HE rams it in full length and waits only a second.  He pulls his cock out slowly and slams it back in, laughing as I scream into the mattress.  “That’s right, you looove it when I pound you don’t you? You like when you’re mine.”  Now I recognize the voice as yours. “THE FUCK!” I start to scream, but am stopped by my face being shoved back into the mattress, my nose bleeding from the pressure.  “The rules don’t change just cuz you know me, little girl. Not…a… word.”  You slam home again, and laugh as I sob.  Your hard cock tears up my pussy, slamming it, he hits it again and again as I scream and cry.  My pussy juice starts to flow down my thighs as the pace builds and the pain subsides. 
  “That’s right, no one gets you tonight, but me, and I get you ALL that I want you.”  You wrap your fingers around my neck and begin to squeeze tighter and tighter until I can’t see straight, and I try to get out from under you.  I am crying, and you squeeze tighter until my squeaking stops, and I pass out.  You hitch my leg to the head-board so my knee is bent above my hip.
  Your fucking gets harder now, plowing deep into my still body.  You start to growl, as I start to awake.  I start to make small noises of pain and despair as I hope you fill me with your cum. Until finally you cum deep inside me, pumping in a few final slow grinds.
  You stop and lie inside me for a few minutes, then you bite my shoulder hard, look at me and say “That is the first fee you’ll pay for coming up here tonight. Sleep well, you say as you leave me tied to the bed and leave the room.

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  1. Gary says:

    What a lovely way to spend an evening.

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