So, the delightful religious company known as Focus on the Family, has made the decision to be the backing force behind The Day of Dialogue.

  This is an anti-gay protest.  It was originally started as a counter-protest to the The Day of Silence, an anti-bullying protest, wherein the participants do not speak for the day as a show of support for the GLBT people who are afraid to speak up about being bullied. 

  I am so utterly disgusted.  Focus on the Family and the original founders of this ‘counter-protest’, Exodus International, missed the mother-fucking boat.  Though I do commend the people at Exodus for deciding to drop the event after the recent rash of highly publicized gay teen suicides.  The point of The Day of Silence, was NOT a pro-gay event but rather an anti-discrimination event.

  Telling teens that they have the ‘opportunity’ to take a stand against gays, and “express the true model presented by Jesus Christ in the Bible against homosexuality” (per the Day of Dialogue website) is irresponsible and a complete show of jack-assery.  Focus on the Family, have you READ your Bible? Because last I checked Jesus was all about love, acceptance, and hanging out with people who didn’t agree with him.  Last I checked he was about making sure people knew they were welcome with loving arms by his God. 

  How much of the general populus of the Focus company knows that the Bible NEVER definitively disapproves of homosexuality?  In the Bible every example of female homosexuality involves females THAT ARE RELATED, in these instances, the incest is condemned, NOT the act of being with another woman.  In every instance where male homosexuality is involved, the word used is arsenokoite.  Arsenokoite also translates to male prostitute and male-on-male rapist.  Is it not FAR MORE LIKELY that the verses can be translated that rapists of men and male prostitutes are not approved by their God, as are female prostitutes and rapists of women? THESE people ARE condemned by the Bible, in multiple verses, in several dozen stories within the Bible… juuust sayin.  The first translation of the Bible wherein male homosexuality was the ‘interpretation’ of arsenokoite, was a translation by the English, who at the time of translation were at war with Greece, who were notoriously known as ‘boy lovers’… hmmmm…. possible passive aggressiveness much?

  My point in this rant is the following, Focus on the Family is claiming that they will, for this event, “offer students the facts (about homosexuality) to engage a dialogue.”  To me it sounds more like they will present their opinion of homosexuality to create a more socially acceptable label to hate.  I understand that some Christians feel that homosexuality is wrong.  I understand that many of those who do feel that way, feel homosexuality is a choice.  There are more productive ways to go about trying to change the minds of the ‘poor poor lost gay souls’.  Perhaps being loving.  Perhaps inviting them to your church.  Perhaps inviting them to your home for dinner for an active debate.  Perhaps not creating and sponsoring a day of hate and rhetoric.  Perhaps not putting words into the mouth of YOUR God.

  I think if Jesus had seen the hate that was occurring in his name today, he would again up-turn the tables of the town-square and cry in disgust at the pure ugliness of those in the religious majority of this nation.  Offering young people an opportunity to publicly join together to hate another group of people is appalling and burns me to the depths.  It disgusts me as much as an anti-straight, anti-white, anti-black, anti-muslim, anti-pagan, or anti-christian protest would.  I am astounded that anything this horrific would be carried on in the name of a God.

“Jesus wept.”    ~ John 11:35

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