Shower sex is literally hot, steamy and wet.  It’s one of the Gods’ greatest pleasures.  A true indulgence.

 I love the feeling of my breasts sliding over a man’s damp back.  The soapy slickness as the hot water glides over us.  The feeling of their cool hands across my nipples as they add soap to my tits. 

  Nothing is as sensual and intimate as washing your partner’s hair.  Raking your fingernails over their scalp.  Pushing their head up to expose their neck, as you wash the shampoo from their head.

The first touch of their cock or pussy in your hand.

  The sigh that escapes their lips as the shower beats down on your fingers touching them. 

Sinking between their legs and licking their freshly washed thighs, upwards to your goal.

Feasting on the clean scented flesh, liquid satisfaction washing over you.

The fluid rhythm of the pumping.

The heat building as you get close to peaking.

The weakness at the knees as you cum while standing.

The exhaustion as you both regain your breath.

No feeling like it in the world.

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  1. wilteddaisy says:

    You’re slacking woman. Where’s the rest of it? You are behind on your posts. I’m anxious. lol

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