“You don’t get to talk right now,” He says as he slips his hands around my waist from behind.  His naked chest pressed to my back.  He runs his hands up me at a lazy pace, stopping to pinch and roll each of my nipples between his warm fingers.  He tugs and pinches harder, now squeezing my whole breasts roughly.  He whispers scolding words in my ear as I begin to moan and squirm.

  His hand reaches to unbuckle his belt.  The fingers of his other hand digging into my side.  Another wet moan passes my lips.  “Oh, that was a mistake,” he growls. 

  Before I can react, my whole body gets spun and thrown into the near-by wall. I gasp as the wind gets knocked from my lungs. “I told you not to talk, little girl, now HUSH!”

  He spins me towards him.  “Now, NO noises, mmm k?” I nod as he leans towards me.  Putting me between his hands, he traps me.  He grins like a sadistic vampire and sinks his teeth hard and firm into my shoulder. He bears down as I bear down on my lip to keep from making noise. 

 Peeling me from the wall, he forces me to the floor.  Pinning my arms behind me, he undoes his zipper, and slides his rock hard cock inside me. “Remember girl, be very very quiet.” He pulls slowly out and slams his dick as deep as he can inside me. He languishes his strokes, until my pussy is sopping wet and my juice is dripping down my thighs.

  He pushes so slowly back and forth I can barely take it.  My ass squirming into him, but he holds my hips still digging in until I can’t even move against his cock.  My mind is begging him.  I taste the blood against my tongue as I use everything inside me to keep from whimpering in frustration.  “You like it when I use you? Don’t you?” I nod vigorously. “Beg me. Beg me to use you.” “PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME, SIR! PLEASE!”

  He slams into me, and fucks me hard and fast as my cum slips down my leg.  “That’s my girl. Take it bitch!” “PLEASE YES!”

  He growls hard as he cums deep inside me. “Yeees. That’s right.”  He stays inside me for an extra moment until he’s filled me up. He slaps my ass and tells me to lick him clean.  He pulls me to the bed and flops to lie down.  I start to lick his cock and balls softly to get the taste of our cum off.

  I smile delightedly as he starts to snore.

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