I am a total bruise whore.  I loooove getting bruises 🙂

  I remember the way it felt as he strapped my hands into the cuffs hanging from the chains in our bedroom.  Wiggling as he pinched and pulled my nipples til they were sore and rosey pink.  Biting my lip to keep from crying out.  The thumpy sting of the leather paddle over and over again, beating against my skin, like a cock deep inside me.  I recall wishing that it WAS his cock inside me, but cumming time and again as he turned my breasts purple.

  I cried.  I kissed his boots when he finished.  I loved the way the bruises traveled and I ended up with technicolor tits for a month straight.  I was his.  I miss him.

  Today’s Wanton Wednesday/ 365 Project Pic is for the man who TRUELY hit me because he loved me. 

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