So, I had set my Day 5 picture to post yesterday… or at least I THOUGHT I did.  I kind of suck at certain aspects of technology, and actually set it to post NEXT friday, so here is what was SUPPOSED to be posted yesterday…

   Today I found myself asking, why can’t ‘fuck me shoes’ be hot and sensible??  I know a lot of people who buy shoes simply because they are hot as hell, but who can only wear them in the bedroom because they buy shoes that are ill-made or really difficult to walk in…  Maybe it’s my penny squeezing side, but if I pay top dollar for something, it damned well better be able to be utilized.

  The hot little numbers in this picture cost $6, but ya know what?? They are functional, and they are sooooo hot!

Vous viendra à lit ce soir avec moi et mes chaussures de sexe?

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