It’s time again for me to start participating in Wanton Wednesday again, so away I go!

  Cleavage.  Just the word commands a presence of strength.  I know so many men and women who absolutely LOVE cleavage. There are references to cleavage and breasts in almost every major religion’s sacred texts.  Goddesses, heroines, mothers, seductresses, and harlots, a vivid imagery of their bosoms have caused sighs of contentment through the centuries.  The champagne cup was said to have been modeled after the shape of breast of Marie Antoinette herself… My point is, cleavage has been loved by people the world across and through history.

  My breasts, and their subsequent cleavage are fantastic.  I love them, large, full, soft, and warm.  My cleavage makes me smile.  A little secret, I show cleavage WHENEVER possible, it makes me feel more comfortable that way.  I like when people comment on what great cleavage I have, it makes me feel incredibly flattered and sexy.  My friends and I actually have a faux humanitarian cause known as Boobies For Peace, wherein we solicit women with wonderful breasts to allow us to photograph them topless, in order to promote world peace.  I mean, seriously, what soldier could plausibly continue fighting if they were distracted by pictures of breasts?? BAM! Instant world peace solution!

  Today’s picture is a semi-candid cleavage shot, in honor of the great cleavages of history!  It’s a tit-riffic Wanton Wednesday here in sunny Colorado. 🙂  CHEERS!

5 responses »

  1. piecesofjade says:

    I love the sweetness of your blouse juxtaposed by the lovely, sexy expanse of cleavage it exposes.

    Lovely Wanton Wednesday!

  2. wilteddaisy says:

    Love it! Keep them coming honey. Glad to see your boobies gracing the pages again.

  3. You know, in the name of Peace you should also look into sending tit pics to Vixen’s Tits for Troops. I’m sure yours would be a VERY welcome addition 😉

  4. ~m says:

    Yes, that is wonderful cleavage. I’m with you on showing it whenever possible.

  5. Beautiful, and I love your Boobies For Peace idea. I know boobs always made the servicemen I know forget what they were doing. 😉

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