Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!  Today’s picture is an homage to the fact that I looooove a well dressed man.  Fedoras, a nicely fitting pinstripe suit, and the smell of aftershave makes me feel like swooning .  I watch Mad Men like its a well made porno series.

  Don’t get me wrong, metrosexuals aren’t my thing, a man who spends more time in the bathroom getitng ready than I do, frightens me.  I love a classic. A vintage, finely aged into an air of worldly sex appeal.  Boylesquers and 1950’s manly men turn me on. Mmmmmm… tasty.  BTW the link is to the impeccible Mr. Valdez, the fantastic boylesque (burlesque for men) instructor for Peaks and Pasties, Colorado Springs awesome burlesque and vaudeville troupe.

Special thanks to my friend Sy for loaning his hat and tie, and taking the pic 😉

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  1. wilteddaisy says:

    OMG! Love love love this! So beautiful!

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