My friend Leora (of Leora’s Triple L) and I have decided to write an erotica series dealing with a lesbian Mistress/slave couple.  I have the distinction of writing from the Mistress’s perspective. Have fun!

 I love the way my little gurl’s eyes get big when she hears the tapping of my boot.  It’s almost too easy, but GODS I love teasing her. “Hurry it along emily, dear, I’m hungry” I hiss through my teeth.  The little blonde scrambles even more quickly to grab my breakfast. 

  “Eggs scrambled, bacon limp, buttered toast, and orange juice. As you told, Mistress,” she said quietly, setting the plate and glass gently in front of me, and kneeling at my feet.  I couldn’t resist myself, “gurl, I DO believe I also asked for milk as well. Must I remind you EVERY time?”  “But MISTRESS, you didn’t mention milk today!”  emmy immediately clapped her hands over her mouth, realizing instantly her mistake.

  I narrowed my eyes carefully, and bolting out my hand firmly grasped the imp’s neck, pulling her neatly to within inches of me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mention WHAT?” I asked through carefully pronounced lips, “Let me state clearly… make… Me…a…glass… of… milk.” I squeeze her long throat tighter, and lift her higher, propelling her firmly towards the kitchen. I hear an audible grumble from the kitchen as she pulls a glass down.

  I quietly rise from my position at the table head and walk calmly to the kitchen doorway.  More grumbles escape the gurl’s lips as she leans into the fridge to get My milk. I come closer behind her as she fishes out the carton. Her eyes become big as saucers as she closes the fridge and turns to see me standing directly behind her.  Her reaction is stunted by my painted fingernails grasping her neck and banging her back into the metal appliance with full force. “I’m sooooo sorry, I couldn’t hear you correctly from the other room. Apparently I am being an… inconvenience on you.  Did I forget to mention, I don’t work until late today gurl?” Her little bow lips start to turn purple as she attempts to shake her head, whispering out “No  Mistress.” I toss her around, and back into the fridge. Forcing my knee between hers as I push her tits against the cold metal box. “Little gurl, you will learn today, your little mouth has gotten you in trouble once and for all.”  Pulling at her  hair I drag her to my bedroom.

 “Bow, you mouthy little bitch. I want your head touching the carpet, and I don’t want you ass moving until I tell you otherwise.  And I SINCERELY suggest, unless you want to find out what loneliness is, keep your little trap shut!” I growl in her ear before flinging her to the space at the foot of my bed.  I return to the kitchen, pour my milk, and sit at my dining table, finishing my cooling breakfast.  Carefully folding my napkin, I set it on my plate and come back to my bedroom. 

  Taking a tack belt off my wall, I turn to my little white and blonde target, now sobbing quietly on the floor. “Put your butt in the air gurly. I’m not going to bust my ass busting yours.” My emmy quietly obliged, setting herself high so I can more easily reach her. I pull the belt back and hit her white skin with full force. A small yelp escapes her, as I remind her dutifully to ‘shut the hell up’.  I rear back again and the belt hits again as she buries her little face in my carpet to keep from crying out. I hit her ass over and over again, until she has long red welts raised against the pretty white skin.  I hit until she is crying undeniably.  I hit til her pretty tears soak my Berber carpet, and her sobs choke hard in her throat.  I hit as her thighs shake from pain and her chest pants up and down. 

  Setting the belt on my bed, I pull my pretty baby into my lap on my lounge chair.  “Now, you took your medicine emmy baby.  You won’t mouth off anymore, WILL you?,” I ask as I lightly brush over her tender inner thighs. The gurl is still crying heavily, as she shakes her head vigorously, something I love to see her do. I kiss her little heart-shaped face, tasting the salty cheeks.  “And you won’t forget my milk again, WILL you?,” I incline as I press two fingers inside her pussy and start moving them in and out of her. “No Mistress,” she sighs and starts to move her hips against my lap. “Good gurl,” I purr against her shoulder as I bite heavily into it. I move my fingers  faster as her little kitty gets slicker and slicker to my touch.  The gurl starts to pant in a much different way now, trying to push against my fingers, grinding against my lap, whimpering as I nip her shoulder again.  “Please please Mistress,” she begs as she gets hotter and closer to the edge. She throws back her head, and right when I know she’s about to cross that line to orgasm, I pull my fingers from her, wiping them on her leg, leaving her shaking and wanting in my grasp.  I bite her again HARD, and growling down at her, “Now get the hell out of my room, and IF you prepare the rest of my day correctly, I may help you with your little current ‘situation’.” 

 Wide eyed and close to weeping again, little emmy leaves my room and silently shuts the door.  Gods, I love teasing that gurl.

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  1. wilteddaisy says:

    Sounds wickedly delicious.

  2. akiss2desire says:

    It is clear to the casual observer that you are getting into to this ALOT. You go ! Not as much sub/dom where I write at , but I think we share the passion. Love for you to get in touch and perhaps there are other collaborations in your future.

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