I got an email from my ex-husband this morning. He asked me to stop teaching the kids ‘stuff’.  Apparently Pickles grabbed a ping pong paddle and was running about the house trying to spank the dog.  Ex was about to stop things, when Bear walks over to Pickles, takes the paddle from him, hits him in the arm with it, and says, “THIS is why we can’t have nice things in this house!” and hands the paddle to the Ex.

Face-Palm…. well at least I know they are mine.

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  1. Lucina Moon says:

    Studies show that intelligence in children is inherited from the mother’s X chromosone. Thank god they didn’t have to rely on their dad for brains. 🙂

  2. Lucina Moon says:

    trying to figure out how to subscribe here so I don’t have to link in through twitter

  3. wilteddaisy says:

    Those are my kind of kids!

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