Wait…. That doesn’t sound right… MEH…. I have had several people ask me what I just look like normally or for a good face shot of me, so here is my favorite picture of me.

4 responses »

  1. lookitsbray says:

    lol…you just know dudes will print this pic and cum all over it.

  2. will says:

    Just stumbled upon your site and i am so glad i did. One, love how open and honest you are, you make me laugh out loud and i love it. two well the pics help and i hope you will post more. I love your blog and you now have a regular reader.

  3. wilteddaisy says:

    Love it. As always. And yeah, my first thought was that you had some dude cum all over your face. lol

  4. diasia says:

    So many dirty birdies in the house! LOL I love it!

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