One of my absolute favorite things to play with people as I’m getting to know them is Adult 20 Questions.  I would love to get to know everyone who reads my posts, sooooo…. Anyone have any questions they wanna ask?  I’m an open book, and answer things with full honesty

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  1. syr84 says:

    why didn’t you come see me yesterday? and when are we gonna do those pictures??

  2. diasia says:

    Because I forgot. I fell asleep on the couch, was way behind dropping the kids off, and was really pissed. I also had a shitty weekend and just wanted to be home. I’ll do the pics friday or next monday. promise.

  3. syr84 says:

    kk fair enough, but next time you have a shitty weekend down here you better drag your happy ass over to my place so i can cheer you up damn it, lol

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