My dear friend Syr gave me my very first webcam this weekend when I was over at his place, so at the behest of Evey, I figured I’d give you a glimpse at how I look at my computer 😉  And YES I really do sit at my computer this way 🙂  HAPPY WANTON WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!!! 

Hi! A close-up 🙂


Hmmm.... cam pics?? OK!


I'm a geek girl, listening to my Sexy Playlist


My favorite time of the week 🙂


Luv Y’all 🙂 MUAH! 

6 responses »

  1. Curvaceous Dee says:


    xx Dee

  2. voyeurondisplay says:

    Oh geeky love… oh and it’s totally inspired the next shoot I want to do with us 🙂 My question is, did he notice your sexy shenanigans?? Because if not, the sneaky sneaky part of it is super sexy.

    Just Sayin’.

  3. I love setting at the computer like that also…

    xoxo, Crystal

  4. ~m says:

    These are great! I am sorry I didn’t see them last week, but thanks to Lilly for highlighting as her fav. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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