If you took me seriously, the things I would do to you.  Yeah, your husband would practically shove us into bed together, but he has no clue the things I’d do, if you took me seriously.  I’d kiss you til you begged me, gasping, to stop, then I’d kiss you til you begged me, gasping, not to stop.  But you don’t take me seriously.  I want to pin you to the wall, growl against your ear, and trail my hands down your body, but you’d probably think I was joking.  I want to bite your neck and shoulders, as I run my hands over your breasts. Would you still think I was joking?  If you took me seriously, I’d shove you into bed alright, but only so I could worship at your body.  My hands running over you to feel every beautiful curve and make lush shivers, if you took me seriously.  Kissing… licking… biting… running my nails across every inch of you, listening to find when your breath increases, listening for delightful sighs… if you only took me seriously…  Feasting on every inch of your mind, toasting your intelligence, craving your thoughts and wit… If you took me seriously.  Running my fingers across your breasts, tugging at your nipples, rubbing my body against yours. Running down your every inch… making sure you love every minute… wanting you to want more… seriousness.  I want to see how you taste, if you took me seriously.  I want to lick your clit lightly, taking in your sweetness, til your hips start to twitch, and you get even juicier.  I want to finger fuck you til you scream, but you are certain I’m just kidding, and not serious at all.  I want my tongue against you, want to lick your fear and anxiety away, and replace it with moans and dirty words.  I want to leave you panting in ecstasy, writhing in bliss, I press against your body, and let you see how good you taste.  I want your body, yes, but I fucking crave your mind.

Do you take me seriously yet C?

3 responses »

  1. syr84 says:

    I’d pay to watch this, lol

  2. voyeurondisplay says:

    *omg hot*

  3. kittengrl says:

    *blush* you know re-reading this when I know you are being serious now really does change a person’s point of view of things.

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