“Damp leaves and pine sap smells erotic as hell,” was all I could think as I sat in my camo and hunter orange between the two evergreens. Midmorning fog was rolling across the hill.  I had been waiting for a deer all morning and was starting to get tired of sitting still. Carefully, I shifted my weight and refolded my legs in front of me.

  I was about to reach in my jacket for my water when the distinct chink of a rifle slide slipping into place sounded two feet behind my back, making me jump. “Hello Dear,” the familiar voice growling in my ear, “You should really get your hearing checked, a doe probably snuck right behind you.” You say with a laugh.  “Don’t want to move quickly do you? The rifle IS loaded after all, hands behind your back.”  You move deliberately now, taking my rifle a good ways from me as I move to obey you.  “Now, be a good girl and sit up straight.”

  Coming behind me, you hold your Browning across my throat with both hands, pulling the barrel towards you so I am forced against your chest. You press harder against my throat and windpipe, til I gasp in short puffs. “Please,” I beg helplessly. “Oh… not a ‘fan’ are we? OK,” you set the polished wood gun aside, and reach in your vest for your gutting knife.  Pinioning my hands to your chest, you set at undoing my oranges… you take off my vest and remove my camo jacket, leaving my thin undershirt on. 

  With the knife still to my jugular, you pull a zip tie from your clothes, and ratchet it down on my wrists. “Much better,” you purr. You make quick work of my pants and boots, leaving me in my panties and undershirt, on the slightly damp forest floor. Hauling me up by a shoulder, you push me back and back until my back hits the stump of a tall tree.  You grab a length of rope from your pocket and clip the zip tie with your knife.  You grab my wrists as you walk behind me, securing me around the trunk. 

  “These will NEVER do,” you state as you slip the blade edge beneath the middle of my shirt, dragging upwards, the cold metal against me as you cut thru the thin material.  Running the blade carefully between my thighs, and back up to the side of my panties, cutting them off as well.  Leaving me naked, barefoot, and bound in the middle of the forest.  You grab my cut shirt off the ground and stuff it between my lips to muffle my protests.

  “There, better,” you say in a low tone.  You smooth the cold knife over my heaving breasts, digging lightly against each nipple as you go.  You run the blade lower as I begin to moan thru the makeshift gag.  I whimper as you run your hand between my thigh while you knead my breast.  Your knee presses between mine, forcing my legs apart as you lean in close and whisper, “I think you like being the hunted.” Your leg grinding against my already soaking wet pussy. 

  I whimper again, mentally begging you to start fucking me there, against the tree… but you pull back, grabbing my head and shoving it hard against the tall trunk.  I see stars as you begin undoing your pants. “Move your feet apart and kneel, girl”  I scrape my back as i scramble to obey.  You come close, and start to rub my face, then you remove the gag, replacing it with your hard cock against my tongue.  I moan against your hardness as I suck longingly on you.  My pussy starts to drip on the leaves as you push in and out of my throat.  It starts to throb as you grab my hair and force me down on you harder and quicker…

  You stop, and untie my hands, keeping my wrist in a death grip.  You drag me up, scraping my knees, and throw me against a nearby boulder.  You push between my shoulder blades and bend me over the boulder, making my ass go high in the air.  You kick my legs apart, and then push deep inside me with a groan. “Keep quiet or there will be hell to pay,” you say loudly. 

  You grind against me, moving in and out, until the juiciness runs down my legs and I’m panting against the  boulder as its roughness scratches at my belly and tits.  You push and pump faster and harder til it feels like you’re running me into the rock.  You speed up, finally meeting my hips with last hard pumps, as you cum deep inside me, with a deep growl.  You dig your nails into my hips hard enough to draw blood.  Then, you pull out of me, and throw me down beside the tree again.

 “Stay,” you grumble as you retie my hands behind the stump, “There WILL be more” you threaten, as you then take a drink of my water…  Another hunting adventure, waiting for later on that foggy day.

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  1. Lila says:

    wow, that was HOT! wonderfully written.

  2. Lisa says:


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