No, no, no, not the band, not THE Kinks, but kinks.  I have determined they are a funny, funny thing.  I mean yes I have explored the midgets and meatloaf theory, but I can’t help but ponder on the things my friends and I have kinks for.  Between us we like all kinds of ‘weird shit’, and yet, we all kind of understand each other’s kinks in a weird kind of way.   I have heard some strange things, but never have had anything squig me out.  I love my friends. ❤

3 responses »

  1. Syr84 says:

    Here’s something for you: make a list of the weirdest kinks that you and your friends have

  2. voyeurondisplay says:

    We love you too 🙂

    @syr84… now what exactly constitutes weird? 😛

  3. wilteddaisy says:

    Is Zombie Porn a weird kink? Cause the whole make out session in Jennifer’s Body was HOOOTT

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