I have an interesting theory to present today.  It’s a far out theory but stick with me.

Theory Thursday 3: Midgets and meatloaf is NOT the weirdest porn you can find.

  So, I have had discussions about ‘train wreck porn’ lately.  What is ‘train wreck porn’?  It is porn that is so out there, so odd, so off the beaten path that, much like a train wreck, you DON’T wanna see it, and YET can’t look away.  I have decided that internet rule #34 IS true, “If you can think of it, it’s already on the net.”

  Really try it… Type “midgets meatloaf” into a search engine and you WILL find porn… Two of my friends and I once found senior citizen- amputee-midget porn…. he spun that chick like a top… soooo wrong…  We have seen baby dolls squeezed from pussies… We have seen snuff porn, stump porn, ass milkshakes,  ventriliquism porn, beastiality  gang-bangs,  pirate porn, asses torn, hot men dressed as unicorns… we’ve seen it all.

  Now, not to say that you can’t find some awesomeness and a new kink from something you thought would be ‘train wreck’ porn, but I do know that there is some weird shit out there…  Just realize, if you think it, SOMEONE will cum.

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  1. syr84 says:

    and if you can’t find it on the net, just watch howard stern. He’ll have it first

  2. […] but kinks.  I have determined they are a funny, funny thing.  I mean yes I have explored the midgets and meatloaf theory, but I can’t help but ponder on the things my friends and I have kinks for.  Between us […]

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