1. Coconut cream pie
  2. Fresh haircuts on men, especially that freshly shaved line on the back of a buzz cut
  3. An accidental showing of bra.
  4. People playing pool
  5. Action movies
  6. Bass heavy music
  7. A gorgeous woman who loves food
  8. Irish pub music
  9. A good smelling man or woman
  10. Home Depot
  11. Checker Auto Store
  12. Sexy texts
  13. Someone calling me beautiful, gorgeous, etc.
  14. The scent of cloves
  15. Fresh cut grass
  16. Hunters
  17. Guns
  18. Good cooking
  19. Long hair that waves down the back
  20. Anyone who talks passionately on a subject
  21. Slam poetry
  22. The smell of the forest after the rain
  23. Tattoo shops
  24. Pencil skirts with a button down blouse
  25. Fight Club
  26. MMA or UFC matches
  27. squirt guns (long story, don’t ask)
  28. Concrete Blonde, Portishead, Sarah McLachlan, and Prince songs
  29. Women in polka dot dresses
  30. Men in pinstripe suits

One response »

  1. Lila says:

    ooh, slam poetry is such a turn-on!

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