Action movies make me hot. A good thumpy, bassy, blow-em-up flick? Oooooooooooo yeah baby!  I gave a theater blow job to a guy during the movie Stealth…. Gods it was fun!  I still haven’t seen Bad Boys II the whole way thru, cuz I can’t stop feeling people up every time I try to watch it….

  Forget the chick flicks, the ‘crier’ movies, fuck that shit! You wanna get in my pants, put Die Hard on Dolby Surround  Sound!  Wanna finger me during a Star Trek movie marathon?  By all means! 

Get me some popcorn, STAT! It’s gonna be a long night! -EVIL GRIN-

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  1. syr84 says:

    Babylon A.D. nekie time? James Bond in surround sound? xXx in bed? Oh the things I’d do for my libido!!!

  2. voyeurondisplay says:

    I don’t go watch a lot of movies in theaters because i have issues with sleep triggers and movies (why pay money to just fall asleep in public? lol) But a friend dragged me to go see Transformers 2 last year.. first time I realized I could have auditory orgasms. AMAZING. I came a good dozen times during the movie (and a few more when we got home *wink wink)

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