My boyfriends always say they love my tits, now I know why…  I was carrying things downstairs and decided to click a picture.  In this pic, I have a rum and coke between my tits, a coke on one breast, a diet pepsi on the other, paperwork under one tit, and granola bars under the other…  They aren’t just tits, they’re MAAAAGIC!

magic tits

magic tits

5 responses »

  1. syr84 says:

    in game terms that would be called the cleavage of ever-holding, lol

  2. syr84 says:

    no but definately +10 to confound, lol

  3. diasia says:

    Oh Lord, my friend looked at this pic of me and asked who it was… I need to wear my hair up more often….

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