I have decided, I want to be blogging each day, or close there of, so I’m starting a new Thursday series: Theory Thursday.  So, Moving along to this week’s first installment.

Theory 1:  Everyone should bang a geekgirl
  I am a geek.  I fully admit this.  I think everyone who loves women should look at banging or dating a geekgirl.  For ease of gender flow, I’m addressing this to the men of this category.

  Geekgirls are, quite simply, high quality women.  Many of us are wanton, sexually wonderful pieces of beauty.  I have known so many men who talk about that they wish they could have seen what went on at girl’s cheerleading camp (images of little blond lesbian cheerleaders prancing thru their minds). BUT I know how much more sex, lesbian experiments, and kinky shit went down at band camp, drama camp, space camp, and YES even math camp.  Hell, I managed to win a national calculus competition while fingering the contestant next to me!  I would have been a HUGE slut in high school, except the guys assumed I was a prude… their loss -EVIL GRIN-

  By and large we are more comfortable with the functioning of our bodies.  Geekgirls do the research, we put in the time.  We know g-spots and prostates.  We know how to make anal sex comfy and how to suck cock just right.  We know how to get ourselves off and how to make sure you last until we do.  We realize sex isn’t just for reproduction and don’t mind positions different from missionary.  We can write erotica to make a sailor blush, but can hold our own in conversations with your parents.  Sex kittens in glasses , we can find ANY costume you think we’d look great in, cuz we know how to research correctly.

  We can do awesome things like NOT being neurotic about the fact that you like anime, XBox, WoW, Wii, golf, magic, sci-fi movies, cars, porn, camping, Monty Python, Mel Brooks, National Lampoon, Dr. Who, Stargate, Fringe, Lost, and we may not ‘get’ sports, but we humor you none the less.  Hell, a lot of us play/watch/like these things too.  P.S. What server do you play on?

  We are self rescuing princesses a lot of times.  Most of us can change tires, unclog a sink, mow a lawn, or know to get it done by a professional.  We never ask ‘is tuna a fish or a bird? cuz it says Chicken of the Sea’.   We aren’t that slow. We can figure shit out if we don’t know what something is.

  We can understand that you have girl friends.  We have guy friends, it stands to reason that the converse is true.  Thus, we don’t get pissed if you spend time with them, we like you to have friends.  We have friends too, and as much as we love you, if we don’t have to entertain you constantly…. we’re down.

  This concludes my theory as to why everyone should bang a geekgirl.

  We also understand how to protect ourselves from STIs, bear attacks, and zombies. 

 Geekgirls rock.

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  1. sshhhhhh says:

    ok…. wow….. just wow! well thought out, worded perfectly….. now to water the idea….. albeit from a “dirty well.” (heart you so hard right now)

    I has two geek girls all to myself, so I believe that from the guys side I am more than sufficiently experianced enough to say…… IT’S ALL TRUE!!!!!! oh glorious creators, it’s true! geek girls are not only hot, but they are freaky sexy! and they make the cutist noises!!!

    there is nothing sexier than a geekgirl!!!

  2. Lucina Moon says:

    LOVED this one! You should follow @AdrianneCurry
    on Twitter. She is a total geek girl and hot to boot!

  3. This post is awesome. I love it.

  4. Andreas says:

    As a geekguy in love with a geekgirl, I say from experience: this is all true. Smart, even geeky people are so often better at making relationships work, overcoming gender roles, and yes, SEX.

    Thank you for this awesome post. Geekgirls DO rock.

  5. Lila says:

    As a woman who went to nerdcamps throughout her adolescence, I ABSOLUTELY AGREE.

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