1.  The groan that every man lets out right before he cums.
  2. The sticcato’ed breath every woman does right before SHE cums.
  3. Making a partner shiver as my hair falls across their stomach.
  4. The feeling of someone playing with my breasts and it traveling all the way to my core.
  5. The first orgasm of the night.
  6. When a person raises their hips towards me, so that they can get closer
  7. Losing any bad mood you have beforehand
  8. Secretly liking when someone heard me and comments on it ‘sounding fun’ afterwards.
  9. Back rubs that NEVER remain ‘just’ back rubs
  10. The build of dirty thoughts from the beginning , getting hotter and raunchier as the sex gets hotter and hotter.
  11. Rug burn.
  12. Not caring about the 10 extra pounds, the way my hair looks, the out of shape abs, etc..
  13. A good bite on the neck or shoulder.
  14. The growl in the ear.
  15. Feeling floaty afterwards.
  16. Making out the whole time.
  17. If clothed, the moment they wrap their arms around my waist and creep their fingers under the bottom edge of my shirt.
  18. The feeling of their fingers running up my back.
  19. Hair pulling.
  20. Stifled screams into the mattress.
  21. The moment of desperation RIGHT before the first thrust.
  22. The feeling of warmth in my mouth.
  23. Finding a bruise, hickey, etc. the next day and KNOWING what it is from.
  24. The warm slickness of my partner’s skin, not sweaty, but thoroughly touchable.
  25. Slow, hard sex.
  26. Fast, rough sex.
  27. Suprise sex, fully clothed, the skirt hike, the suddenness.
  28. Honestly not having an expectation to get laid in a certain situation and the moment when I (excitedly) realize where things are headed.
  29. Hearing my favorite ‘get it on’ song, RIGHT as I am…
  30. Wrestling as foreplay.
  31. Realizing someone wants you because they find you THAT appealing.
  32. Fine lingerie… falling off of me.
  33. The first time I’m having sex with someone, and I realize it WILL end well
  34. Hearing a song on the radio that make me incredibly excited to get home.
  35. Trying to ‘convince’ my partner to come to bed.
  36. Giving head during another activity, x-box head anyone?
  37. Being able to sigh with my ‘sisters’ about how FANTASTIC the sex is.
  38. The moment during sex when the endorphins hit.
  39. The utter confusion to anything beyond being touched.
  40. The feeling of a nice hard cock, and the still silky smoothness of it against my tongue.
  41. Smoothing my hands over shoulder muscles.
  42. Being manhandled.
  43. Nice slow anal.
  44. The dazed 10 minute nap afterwards.
  45. Being convinced I don’t have legs for at least an hour later.
  46. Having sex right before having to go somewhere important or boring.
  47. Teasing using witty repartee and getting geeky acknowledgement of how awesome I am.
  48. A nice firm hand between my shoulderblades, pushing my top half down.
  49. Having so many orgasms, then having one more.
  50. The moment when a man cums inside me.

4 responses »

  1. shhhh says:

    3=you cheat, 4=anytime, 9=lotion anyone?, 13=”chomp”, 14=”grrr”, 19=yank, 30=bring it on! I can take you!, 36=playstation count??, 47=didn’t we do that last night?

  2. wilteddaisy says:

    Hmmm… sounds so fun right now.

  3. Bigboy says:

    Very nice compilation of 50 things, thanks for sharing

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