The sun beams down on the poolside tiles, warming the concrete beneath my arms.  The rest of my body floating lazily behind me.  “Hey,” you say, walking over and sitting beside me.  You splay out, dangling your legs in the water, splashing me. 

  “Your legs are starting to burn,” I say, pushing at your thigh while grabbing your sarong’s edge.  “You…. might not wanna be doing that,” you mumble, grabbing the cover up out of my hand, and tucking it between your legs.  “Why? it’s not like you aren’t wearing trunks!” I joke as I slide my hand up your leg, until my fingers are at your hip, pulling back, I start stuttering “Shit man! My bad, I swear I wouldn’t… I mean….. Ummmm…. sorry, I swear I didn’t grope you, promise…”

  “I didn’t stop you did I?”  You say, looking me in the eyes.  I stop, and blushing, move my hand back up you leg, until the heel of my hand is against your balls.  I start roaming over your balls and lightly up your cock, running my fingers over the head and down the shaft.  You close your eyes and clear your throat…  I run my hands along the outsides of your legs taking the sarong the rest of the way off of your legs. You shift closer to me and I push up higher in the water. I start licking the tip of your dick, pushing your hard cock farther down my throat.  You start moving your hips to match my sucking.

  Finally with a sigh, you start pushing yourself back and forth in my mouth with more strength. You hold the back of my head, grinding against my mouth.  You start getting faster and rougher.  You push deeper and faster, until you are fucking my face hard enough to start bruising my lips.  You hold my whole head firmly against the base of your cock, until I can’t breathe cuz you are too deep down.  My throat starts to pulse and contract around you.  My lips turning purple as my throat convulses around your rock hard dick..

  You let go right before i pass out, leaving me sputtering against the pool tile for breath.  You stand over me , and begin stroking yourself.  You cum all over my hair.  Then you wipe your cock on my tongue.  “Will you put sunscreen on me” you say as you lightly smack my cheek…  the you retie your sarong and flip over so that I can apply to your back.

 I love summer…. and dreams

5 responses »

  1. wilteddaisy says:

    Dude, I was about to think that you were one hell of a lucky woman!

  2. shhhh says:

    yes… I’d love to touchie touchie, lol

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