I am the girl who you love to fuck cuz I make the pretty little noises.

  I am the back seat debutante, and Donna Reed’s kinky cousin.

  I am the one who likes a good stiff cock and a nice slick pussy cuz they taste like the finest candy.

 I am the girl who is good on my knees.

 I am a little bit spunky, in hopes that you’ll want to wrestle and conquer me.

 I am the tease who doesn’t lack follow thru.

I am the one who asks what kind of girl do you take me for cuz it makes me hot when you say ‘MINE’

I am the girl who shows too much cleavage and whose skirts are too short cuz you feel me up more.

I am yours.

One response »

  1. shhhh says:

    mine?? great, another couple of holes to fill…. damn it will I ever sleep???

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