I had a beautiful week, I got to spend a lot of great quality time with wolf, I got to introduce wolf to some of my friends, I got to go to a beautiful collaring ceremony for two of my friends, and I got to talk to some people I haven’t in a while… and then Armageddon hit… again. 

  My father has apparently made it his personal mission to become the wrath of God… a priority really.  I walked in the door today at 2 o’clock with the kids, first my mother accused me of stealing from her, then it was my dad’s turn…  He called me names, asked if I had found my own place yet, told me I had no business going into finance because I didn’t know shit about money, demanded to see my finances to ‘make certain I wasn’t fucking away’ the money I owe him and my mother, and blamed me for my children not having a ‘strong Christian foundation’.

  AND then the kicker came, apparently this week, my father legally broke into my storage unit and sold EVERYTHING of value.  To ‘help pay back my debt to them’, of course.  I say he legally broke in because I hadn’t removed him and my mother as authorized accessors of my unit.  He sold my dining set, my books and shelves, lamps, beds, furniture, appliances, cloths, and even sold my kids toys.  He said because he gave me money for a graduation gift, and that money bought the furniture, that he had every rite to sell everything…  he left me: my paintings, my kids memory items, a box of tax paperwork, and a candelabra… He quite literally stripped me of almost all that i own.

  My hope level is very much gone.  My soul is wilted and battered. 

 Congrats Dad, you have managed to make me feel two inches tall.  I hope it fills that soul of yours up at night to know that you have made a heathen feel defeated.

  But it’s ok, I forgive you, may the Gods and Goddesses feel free to bless you with whatever you deserve.

Remember,”Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future.”  ~Louis B. Smedes

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  1. srdork79 says:

    Your parents need intense psychotherapy. I would suggest they see that asshole Dr. Phil. He would have a field day with them.

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