OK, I had a complete fail moment last night. 

  So, some of you know this, some don’t, while Poke is one of my best guy friends, and we have an awesome buddy dynamic, I harbor a huge unrequited crush on him (NO I’m not 16).  Well, last night, the slutty friend total epic failed.  Awesomely, and completely failed…

  So, Poke and I were discussing the fact that while I was drugged the other day on pain killers for my back, I told him he was highly observant and highly dense at the same time.  So, he asked for an example, so I said, “Well, you read people really well, but at the same time CAN NOT tell when a woman is hitting on you. (HINT HINT BLOODY GOLLAM HINT)”  Then later he made a omment that no one wants to have sex with him, and I said, ” There are plenty of women who want to have sex with you.”  And Poke said, “Like who? Well, I mean other than you, cuz you don’t count.”

Ummmm… ouch… fail

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