Ok, so as somewhat of a branch off of the ‘cock shots’ post, I have decided to discuss the topic of intimate flavor. In the last two weeks, I’ve had nearly half a dozen conversations regarding the taste of cum/juices, for males and females, and the varying things people do in order to taste better.

Poke and I discussed last week that girls who eat fruit taste fantastic, and that medicine wreaks havoc on the delightfulness of both men and women.  Men are more affected by green vegetables than girls, but women are more affected by spices and onions than boys.

***YES, this is ACTUALLY what my friends and i discuss***

Then today, I was talking to my friend Hatter, whom I haven’t talked to in nearly a month, and he mentioned, out of the blue, multiple foods he has recently given up in order to taste better.

I find it extremely interesting the high percentage of my friends that actively think about this… just sayin.

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