“When in your life were you truly happy?  Not just happy on the surface, but happy to your core?” This was a question that was posed to me recently, and it helped me come to a deeper meaning as to why i serve Him.  I came into the world of BDSM battered and bruised, but hopeful because i found a place i fit, and i felt right for the first time in life.  I still didn’t find my spot until i got to know Him.  I am truly happy at His feet, when i have the fortune to serve Him.

I serve Him because His strength of character requires respect.  He is one of the most just people i know.  I have seen Him stand behind His enemies when they were in the right.  I’ve seen Him apologize to people, when He could have let it slide that He was wrong.  He is kind and protects people because He sees it as His duty, even when He doesn’t have to. I serve Him because of this.

I serve Him because He requires me to push and better myself.  He doesn’t allow me to believe that i am less.  He lifts me high and tells me i am worth the world.  I serve Him because He reminds me i’m deserving of good things, even if i chose to never serve Him.  I serve Him because my heart is happy when i do.

I offer Him my service.  This means I offer Him love and devotion, but i offer Him more specific service with that.

I will give Him my touch to remind Him that He is wanted.  I will give Him massages and foot rubs.  I will assure Him with consistent sexual contact.  I will kiss His boots when i greet Him if He allows me.  I will sit at His feet because i look up to Him as a man and Dominant.  His hand on my head means i am wanted, and i am safe.

I will give Him the labors of my hands so He knows my hands are for Him.  I will make Him food to help Him feel warmed from the inside and be nourished physically.  I will make His beverages to His liking, so that He knows i’m listening.  I will keep His house in order so that He can focus on things to advance Himself and i can help on His journey.  I will help Him make toys, research for Him, and find supplies for Him, because i believe in Him, and want to support His dreams.  I will not harm myself, because if He sees value in me, then i need to as well.

I will build Him up to others, because i value Him.  I will not speak ill of Him to others, because He has earned my respect.  I will dress in a manner that pleases His senses.  I will follow His guidelines for me, because it will help me grow and learn.  I will act in a way that honors the values He holds.  I will get my body into a shape that shows what quality of submissive He deserves and that reflects well on Him.

I will surrender my spirit to His hand to show i trust in His abilities to keep me safe.  I will trust Him implicitly when i’m not there.  I will tell Him the truth in all things, even if it is difficult.  I will tell Him if i need Him or His touch.  I won’t have others without His permission.  I will allow the mark of no others upon me, unless He allows them.  I will hold Him up by extending my trust to those He deems worthy.  I will bring honor to Him by showing the world what He stands for. 

I am happy.

    I am at peace.

    I am His.

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