So, it’s just after 5 in the morning, I have insomnia as per the norm, but it’s all good cuz I’m here with my Poke, watching YouTube videos of all the singers we’d like to molest, random bar tricks, and high grade weaponry.

  So, what singers do you want to molest?  Do you want to molest them for their singing? For their looks? For the fact that they look so desperately innocent that you want to corrupt the hell out of them? What qualifies them?

  How would you molest them? Delicately? So as to turn them to your kinky horny ways? Or with such fucked up ardor as to sully them completely? Until you smile with delighted contentment?

I’m just curious…

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  2. Lila says:

    Tegan and Sara. mmm… twins.

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