If you’d like, you can take a guess and a gander as to who this is about, but you’d probably be wrong 😉 BTW, if you are JUST my friend, and don’t want to know more about me sexually, STOP READING NOW!

A Dream I had a While Ago

“You need to get home,” he sad as he led me down the darkened alley to my car.  Walking beside me, as my ears still rang from the heavy gothic music, his hand came from his pocket with a metalic swish.  Before I was able to turn, he had the blade at my throat, and his other hand wrapped in my hair.

“But then again, maybe a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt,” he said, smoothing the knife across my collarbone. “Take your stockings off dear, you won’t be needing them.”  So, I bare my legs for him, and stand beside my car as he puts the knife away.  He takes one thigh-high and ties my hands behind me.  He wraps the other between his hands and shoves me against my car as he tightens the silk around my neck.  He pulls it tighter, forcing my head back against him.  He pulls tighter and tighter, until my vision starts to blur and my lips throb, purple and full.  Finally, he lets up and leaves me gasping against my window pane.  He whispers to me, “Now, now, we wouldn’t want people to assume I was hurting you, so you may want to be nice and quiet, or you’ll get me arrested again.”

Goading me on, he lifts my skirt, and digs his fingernails into my thigh as I bite my lip to make certain I follow his instruction.  I nearly collapse when he presses between my shoulderblades and forces me forward onto my car’s hood.  His fingers trailing to the side of my breast before returning to my ass.  He hits me hard until I nearly scream, catching myself before I do.

But he hears me squeek, and tsks aloud before grabbing my hair and pushing me to my knees.  A look of devilishness crosses his face as he undoes his pants. He starts to pet my hair as I taste him pushing into my mouth.  His nice warm cock going down my throat.  He makes soothing noises as he starts to push harder and deeper.

He pulls me back to my feet and pushes me back over the car hood.  He pushes my skirt up around my waist and pushes slowly inside me.  A sigh escapes my lips as he begins to slowly fuck me.  His fingers press into my hips as he controls how slowly he moves. I whimper each time I try to push back against him and his fingers steady me so that I can’t.  My insides ache with each movement.  He goes ever so slow, grinding hard against me with the end of every stroke. His momentum starts to build as he gets more excited and he starts to breathe harder.  A sense of urgency building as he gets closer to that wall.  I let out a cry as he starts to fuck me in earnest. He pushes hard against me as he cums deep inside me.  His grip on me loosens until his hands finally rest on my car, fingers tapping against the metal.

After a few moments, he moves away from me, does up his pants, and unties my hands.  He wraps me in his big bear hug and says, “It was great to see you out tonight, have a safe drive home.” and walks calmly away from me to his car.  A great end to a fun night.

-Giggle-  Well, I hope you enjoyed my dream…. hmmm… pity he doesn’t read blogs… oh well

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  2. diasia says:

    Huh, interesting, I just somehow tweet tagged myself 🙂 win?

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