So, I have recently reentered the world of poly relationships, after once again trying a forray into the world of monogomous normalicy. (WRONG answer for me BTW, and if you aren’t aware of what ‘poly’ means, it stands for polyamorous, PLEASE go look it up)  So, I have a Dominant/boyfriend again (SUPRISE and sorry for not saying to all my IRL friends).  The thing is, I’ve been having uber uber massive lovelife karma the past week or so…

  I may be cute, but I’m really not used to being hit on, and this week has been CRAZY.  So, technically I’m a switch BDSM wise, and this week 4 different subby boys from around the country having been fawning at my feet, 2 different guys from high school found me and want to hook up for drinks, and 3 other guys are conversing with me about ‘get together possibilities’ … so weird for me… not a bad thing, just waaaay unexpected. Either way, I digress. 

 So, I’ve been vaguely talking to this guy in town via texting, cuz my boyfriend is in Denver, and I’d like to have a romantic interest down here.  Well, we were texting back and forth yesterday, and I told him I was going to not be responding for a while cuz I had a memorial service to go to for a VERY close family friend.  He acknowledged this with several follow up texts, as my dad was driving my mom and I to the church.  So, I go to the services, cry my eyes out, and come back to the car exhausted.  I check my phone and there is a text from my BF saying he loves me ❤ <3, and one from the other guy saying, “So, r u horny for me?” REALLY??? Are you stupid? Or are you really just THAT tactless?  You knew I was going to a memorial service and you think I am even vaguely concerned about you and weither or not you excite me? Asshat.  And then I texted him telling him what an idiot he was, and his response was, “So, what, are you mad or something?” REALLY??? Asshat.

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  1. utopiadiscovered says:

    Sounds to me like the local guy is in it strictly for sex. Unfortunately, when you have relationships like this, you usually end up meeting a lot of douche bags. But chin up dollface. There’s plenty of good ones out there.

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