Wank Wednesday: The Clouds Roll In

“Damn! I hate cloudy weather changes, it always hurts so much,” I pout as I set my head down in his lap. “I know Princess, but if you want I can give you a massage once we get home,” he says as he combs his fingers through my hair. “Why do my kids have birthday barbeques anyway? Why can’t they be normal, and want to, I dunno, go to Chuckie Cheese’s or something?” I grumble as I glare at the deep gray clouds moving over the mountains, my pet chuckling lightly beneath me. “We’ll be home soon, my love.”

I plop heavy on the bed as the clouds let loose outside the window of our apartment. “Pet, can you bring and light a few of the leather candles also bring the massage oil in with you… I want a good massage today,” I call out the bedroom door. “Yes, Miss,” floats from the direction of the kitchen. I sigh, and strip off my dress, bra, and panties, shifting under our sheets. My pet grins when he comes in, seeing me naked under the sheets. I watch him closely, as he sets the candles on the nightstand, and lights them. He doesn’t realize how handsome he is, and never understands why I stare at him. “Take off your clothes, my toy. You won’t need them, I want you against me,” I say as I continue to drink him in. The computer nerd t-shirt comes off first, and he presses the bed corner down, removing his jump boots. I feel the dark clouds rolling into my eyes, as he peels off the fitted Levi’s. “Turn the lights off, and come lay next to me, pet.”

His warmth radiates through my aching body. His chest covers mine. His strong arm wraps around my waist, fingers lightly tickling my spine. “I thought you wanted a massage,” he whispers in my ear. “Shut up, and let me have my moment,” I mutter, digging my nails into his back. He moans, and makes a small noise like a puppy being scruffed. I smile deviously into his chest, suddenly feeling the cloudiness in my head dissipating, sparked to feel MUCH better. “Aw, I’m sorry, love. Did that hurt?” I purr, digging my nails deep into the flesh of his side. “No, Princess. It’s ok, Princess,” He groans, trying to keep his lust in check. “OH! I see! I’m not trying hard enough!” I sink my teeth cruelly into his shoulder. “Nooo, Princess. You are doing fantastic.”

I push my pet away from me, roll quickly on top of him, and hold his wrists tightly above his head. Grinning, I smother him with my breasts. He breathes raggedly beneath a nipple, “May I suck them Miss?” “Yes, lick and bite them too, but not too hard,” I sigh. I begin sliding my clit across the head of his hardened dick. I get damper and damper as his tongue ring works around my tight nipples. “Make me cum, toy, and I might fuck you today,” I growl, grinding on top of him, slipping my fingers behind his neck. A small noise escapes his throat again, and sitting up he starts kneading my breasts roughly. He hits my sweet spot. Pussy juice covers his legs, as I scream my passion to the ceiling.

“Clean your legs, my fuck toy, and give me my massage,” I smirk at his delightful whimper, but he’s a good boy, and climbs on top of me as I roll onto my stomach. I sigh at his warm hands running over my shoulder blades. The rain is still pouring down our window panes. The smell of the clouds gets me high again. I can feel his nice, hard cock sliding between my ass cheeks with each stroke of my back. “Mmm, baby, that is getting me soooo worked up. You know, slut, you never cleaned my pussy after I came,” I roll over, grip his hair, and shove his face to my cunt, “Lick.”

My good cum slut follows my orders to the tee, and laps at my cunt like someone lost in the desert for a week. I can hear him sighing between my thighs, slipping up my sweet juices. I feel high as he puts his whole mouth over my pussy and sucks. “Such. A. Good. SLUT,” I shout out as he licks around my clit, “YES! Make me fill your mouth!” I pour nectar down his little slut throat, as I cum again.

“I want your cock inside me! I want to fuck your brains out!” My breathe staccatos out as he slips deep inside me. I LOVE the way we fuck, it’s always hot and rough and slick and passionate. “Pound me right, fuck toy,” I hiss between my teeth. His hips thump harder and harder against my thighs. I ride the dick sliding in and out of me. I bring my ass higher, the faster he batters inside me. “Please! YES! FUCK ME,” The orders slither from my lips, “Don’t stop til you splash my slit with cum!” He hammers me harder and harder and harder. I can feel his balls tightening, and his shaft getting bigger inside of me. “That’s right! Spill that load inside me. Fill your Princess up! Cum for me, pet!” He moans on top of me, plowing as deeply as he can inside me. I feel his balls pour hot inside my pussy. Slowly, his head dips down, licking up our mixed juices. I purr one last time, “Gods, I love this cloudy weather…”

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Sinful Sunday: Feeling Evil


Well, hello all! I decided since my pet and the lovely Dee are doing Sinful Sundays, I’d join in.

This is what happens when I'm feeling evil and turned on.


Another Dinner Date

      “Hello Pet,” I growl as you come through the hallway door to your apartment’s floor, “You’re out late this evening.”  You weren’t expecting me tonight, your mouth hanging open for a moment, shocked to see me leaning against the cheap plaster of the hall in my trench coat. “Aren’t you going to say hi?” I mock pout. “Um, of course Princess, sorry Princess,” you sputter as I move to you. I kiss you lightly, “You were planning to open your door.”

      You fumble with your keys, and I grin evilly. As we walk through the door, you turn to say something, but I slip my hand around your neck and push you back against the wall.  I press against you; kissing you hard and deep.  My nails digging into the flesh of your neck, as I lick lightly at your lips.  A groan escaping from between your lips as I squeeze your neck tightly between my fingers.  My knee works between yours, massaging your dick and balls.  My lips and hands move further down your body, teeth sinking into your tender neck, nails scraping your shoulders and arms.  I slam you against the wall again, “Stay,” and I back away from you.

     I strip slowly out of my coat, just out of your reach, revealing a black lace bra, ruffled panties, garter belt, and black silk thigh highs.  I walk to the bedroom, sitting in the chair, and propping my high heels on your bed.  “Come show me that you missed me, pet.” You walk over and try to kiss me, but I cover your mouth with a finger, “NO, on your knees.” You slip down by my feet, running your hand up my leg, over the silky stocking. I tap my polished nails across the front of my wet panties, “Do you like my outfit, punk?” You nod and gulp. “Then come show me,” I order as I move my ass to the edge of the chair.  “Undo my stockings, and remove my panties.” “Yes Miss,” you whisper as you undo the metal clasps, and tug at the lacy fabric.

      I stand and let you pull them to my ankles, kissing your way back up my legs.  I grab the back of your head, and pull it hard against my pussy, just long enough to let you smell how hot and wet I am.  “On your feet, pet.  Turn around,” I say as I pull you up. The rope  slips over your wrists, pulling tight, and I turn you back around.

  I push you onto the bed, and straddle your chest. I slip a finger into my slit, and start finger banging myself, inches from your mouth. “You want to please me, right pet?” “Yes Princess very much.” “I don’t know if I should let bad boys who stay out late please me,” I murmur as I start to drip on your chest. “Please Miss? Please?” “Mmmm… pet, you beg so pretty,” I purr and rock forward smothering your face in my pussy, “Lick pet, or you aren’t going to ber breathing anytime soon.”

      You dart your tongue across my clit, sucking it in and out.  You run your tongue across the length of my dripping pussy and pull deep into it, plunging in and out. I pull away a bit letting you gasp in breath.  “Lick my clit and make me cum, baby,” I order, pinching my nipples through the lace of my bra. You lick and suck as my hips start to buck. “Oh Gods, make me cum pet!” My moans grow as I grind against your mouth. “Yes, pet, do it!” I feel the orgasm rolling deep inside of me. “YES BABY! OH!” I scream as I cum and pour into your mouth, “Drink it all up baby!” You gulp and slurp like a good boy as wave after wave crashes over me.

  I recover, and slide down your body, running my tongue over your hard cock. “Mmm… so hard, just for me… too bad you don’t get to fuck me tonight. You aren’t THAT good of a boy.” “Princess?”  I roll you over, and shove a pillow under you, putting your hips up a little higher for me.  Removing my shoes, I leave the room, and come back wearing the strap-on and carrying the lube which I had hidden in my trench. “No, tonight, tonight, I’m going to fuck YOUR pretty little ass.” You try straining against your bounds, whimpering for me to let you go.  I giggle cruelly, “Oh, you don’t get to get out today, lovey.”

  I coat the rubber cock in lube, and you jump a little as I rub lube slowly over your asshole. I slip a finger inside you easily. You moan a little as I slip a second finger up your rear, and scrape my nails down your back. I pull my fingers back and forth until you push back against them just a little. I push my other hand between your shoulder blades, and whisper in your ear to be a good boy. 

  I rub the head of the cock against your ass and slip slowly inside of you until I am deep inside your ass. I pump slowly in and out of you as you start to moan, and move against your ropes.  I start to move faster as your moaning gets loader.  Your breath gasping in and out. “Please Miss! Please let me fuck you! I want you so badly!” I laugh out loud, and pound you harder. “Awwww… poor baby, I should just not let you cum at all tonight!” You whimper into the mattress.

      “PLEASE Miss! PLEASE let me cum!” I fuck your ass harder and grip your hips, digging my nails in. I undo your hands and pull you to your knees. I slip between your legs, press your rocky dick between my tits, and  pour a little lube between my mountains. “This is the only fuck you’ll get tonight so do my tits right. I want your cum all over me,” I purr as I lick your head. You slide back and forth along my breasts, pinching my nipples and making my pussy tingle again.  You pump harder and faster, as your balls start to tighten. “That’s right pet, cum on my pretty red lips!”  You groan and splash hot saltiness across my chest and lips. “Mmmm… yes pet! Shoot for me…” I grab your ass and take your cock  in my mouth as you finish, and your cum slides down my throat.

     You slip down beside me, snuggling against me, smiling at me tasting your cum on my tits. We  lie in each others arms for a minute.  “Now that you’ve had dessert, pet, go make me dinner.”

      …But that is another story entirely.

Sex to Me

  For all the ways in which I am screwed up, and bent, and not ok, and annoying, and awful, and messed, sex… sex isn’t one of them.  Sex has always been awesome to me.  I’ve always loved sex, the closeness, the intimacy, the rawness of sex.

  I loved the idea of sex as a kid.  I played doctor with the boys at school. I let my first boyfriend play with my boobs in my zip down shirt. I eagerly let my mind run wild with logistics the moment I found out what 69 meant.  I dunno, maybe it’s because that was the one thing my family was never taboo about, maybe I was kinky all along, but it wasn’t ever really something I’ve worried on… I just kindof, let it be.

  So when I got older, and started getting off, it was glorious.  I found out about masturbation through my mother’s book “Drive Him Wild In Bed”, and spent the next few days fapping off to my father’s Penthouses, it was awesome!  I felt more guilty about the fact that I was watching TV when I wasn’t supposed to, than the fact that it was porn…

  And as I found men, I didn’t worry about being a slut.  I didn’t spend my time in bed hoping I was skinny enough, or pretty, or good enough, or anything but the fact that they were there, and so was I and the sex was great, and even when it wasn’t, it still wasn’t that bad, and when it was that bad, fuck it, I just didn’t do it with that person again.  I went for it, and fucked like a godess, even when I was a mess everywhere else.  And I didn’t look at my partners in that moment like the messes they were, and we just had fun and connected.  I didn’t worry about the cross dresser or the one who couldn’t get it up or the one wanting me to spank him or the one who asked ‘who’s your daddy’ or the one who wanted me to rim him, cuz you know what, it was something new and it was something interesting, and I did it cuz I wanted to.

  Girls, girls are soft, girls are different, and girls are interesting.  I like girls and guys, and when I had my first girlfriend, we giggled while we fucked, cuz we didn’t know what the hell else to do, and it was fun too.

  Kink just helped me find another part of myself, but didn’t change who I am.  I changed. I evolved. To me kink just helped me find more of that, and I love it!

  I love sex, sex is great, sex is fun, I encourage everyone to have sex… a lot… in many configurations and positions and with lots of people… just have FUN, cuz THAT is what sex is to me.


  I admit fully I enjoy a little dose of asshole in my men. Don’t get me wrong, my partners are awesome people, and aren’t evil (in a bad way at least), but I love a rough around the edge manly man.  Mmmm… nothing gets this girl’s motor running quite like watching the sweaty mechanic, the gardener, or the carpenter covered in sawdust. I love blue jeans and wife beaters. I like arm tattoos and a man who smells like the sun and earth.  Work boots make me weak in the knees.

  What I wouldn’t give to lick and run my fingernails over the body of a hard bodied man. Man with a capital M, Man. I like my men like I like my coffee, hot, hard, and rippling.

  Yes boys, roughnecks make me horny.

A Small Side Note

  My apologies for not posting last night. I had a massive migraine, and was resting for a long time. Either way, so in replacement of that post, you get to hear a momentary rant from your favorite slutty friend.

*ahem* If I have the ability to ruin your life, to bring your world crashing down around you, and you realize that I read the things you write in a public forum, perhaps, just perhaps, you should refrain from calling me an insane bitch. Perhaps you should refrain from saying that you don’t know what happened, and from telling OUR friends that I did a total 180 without warning.  That when I didn’t get my way, I flipped on you (lying ass). That you don’t understand why I don’t like you anymore, in order to try to garner sympathy, and make yourself look good. Well guess what…

  I could fuck your life right up the ass without lube, but you know what, I’m nicer than that. I AM the better man, and I’m a woman.  I will always stronger, more capable, and more fabulous than you.  I’m not insane, and I won’t shatter your life, cuz I like your spouse too much to hurt them like that. NOT you, THEM. They deserve MUCH more than you, and you had damned well better count your lucky little stars that they never figure out the scum that you are.

Have a nice day, fuck nut.

15 Porn Catagories I Love

I love porn! I love all kinds of porn, and procrasturbate FAR too much. I think porn can be fun and wonderful, or terribly trite, but here is a list of porn types I frequent:

  1. Guy-on-guy (oh, boys grunting and fucking!)
  2. Crying (mmmm runny mascara)
  3. Fisting (good if done well)
  4. Fantasy rape (3/4 of my porn folder is this!)
  5. Face fucks (a little gagging anyone?)
  6. Bondage (I love seeing someone getting tied up)
  7. Snuff (OK, call me morbid, but it’s hot!)
  8. Choking (these are a few of my faaavorite thiiiings!)
  9. Boigirls (mmmmm trannies)
  10. Prison fantasy (get behind the yellow line ma’am!)
  11. Strange object masturbation (DAMN YOU AMERICAN PIE!!!)
  12. Hardcore (pounded into my brain!)
  13. Anal (hehehe)
  14. Squirting (do you know how many web cams I have taken out that way??)
  15. Water torture (giggle, pool time!

 Have fun wanking too! I’m Aunty Slutty, and I approve this message!

A Story

  The crisp air flows over my body as I enter the extra bedroom, the bath sheet wrapped around my warm, perfumed skin.  I smooth back the covers and crawl atop the sheet.  Taking a bit of water, I slip the sleeping pills into my mouth and swallow.  I lay in the stillness until the room begins to spin in the half-light.  The cool air makes my nipples tighten and the breeze caresses my nakedness, until in a deep haze I begin to sleep.
  I feel the bed sag beneath a weight, but fight to open my eyes.  Now on my stomach, I start to roll over, but am stopped as my wrists catch on rope bindings I didn’t know were there.  Suddenly alert, I go to scream for You, but a gag is quickly shoved in my mouth and tightened around my head.  The solid weighted man is on top of me now, shoving my head into my pillow. I try to buck. I try to scream, but he  grasps my hair and pushes it harder to the mattress.  His forearm pushes into my spine, forcing my shoulder blades down.  His fingers dig into my waist as he pulls me around to face him.  Straddling my chest He growls at me thru his mask, “Will you be a good bitch if I unmuzzled you or will I have to beat the fuck out of you? Not like anyone would give a shit if you screamed anyways.”  I nod vigorously, trying to form the words around the ball.  The man takes the gag from my mouth and immediately replaces it with his rock hard cock.
  He begins to shove his cock deep into my throat, bruising the back of my mouth as he fucks my face.  I struggle as he pushes himself so far in that I can’t breathe, the corners of my vision starting to blur, but he grabs the back of my head and forces it down further as my eyes water.  He pumps in and out, gaining momentum. A sob escapes as he pulls out.  His leather glove strikes my cheek. “Shut up, or the gag goes back, got it?” “Yes Sir” escapes my lips, and the masked man laughs deeply. “There are no gentlemen here girl!”
  He pulls me over and drags my pillows from under me, until my ass is high in the air.  He buries himself deep in my pussy and pulls out quickly.  “You dirty slut, your pussy is all wet from sucking my dick, you love it, you want it don’t you!  Say it!” He jerks my neck back towards him “I…I do… I want it…” “SAY IT LOUDER SLUT!” “I want… I want your dick in my mouth”  “It’s not going in your mouth anymore slut”  He growls as he pushes his cock up my juicy slit. 
  I yelp in pain as he hits my cervix.  “Keep it quiet, not a word!”  HE rams it in full length and waits only a second.  He pulls his cock out slowly and slams it back in, laughing as I scream into the mattress.  “That’s right, you looove it when I pound you don’t you? You like when you’re mine.”  Now I recognize the voice as yours. “THE FUCK!” I start to scream, but am stopped by my face being shoved back into the mattress, my nose bleeding from the pressure.  “The rules don’t change just cuz you know me, little girl. Not…a… word.”  You slam home again, and laugh as I sob.  Your hard cock tears up my pussy, slamming it, he hits it again and again as I scream and cry.  My pussy juice starts to flow down my thighs as the pace builds and the pain subsides. 
  “That’s right, no one gets you tonight, but me, and I get you ALL that I want you.”  You wrap your fingers around my neck and begin to squeeze tighter and tighter until I can’t see straight, and I try to get out from under you.  I am crying, and you squeeze tighter until my squeaking stops, and I pass out.  You hitch my leg to the head-board so my knee is bent above my hip.
  Your fucking gets harder now, plowing deep into my still body.  You start to growl, as I start to awake.  I start to make small noises of pain and despair as I hope you fill me with your cum. Until finally you cum deep inside me, pumping in a few final slow grinds.
  You stop and lie inside me for a few minutes, then you bite my shoulder hard, look at me and say “That is the first fee you’ll pay for coming up here tonight. Sleep well, you say as you leave me tied to the bed and leave the room.


My post about pet was late cuz I ad net connectivity issues, but I was technically done with it earlier. 😀 Totally fits the timeline!


I am finding I am having trouble figuring out how to describe my new Pet to all of you readers.  Things kept sounding very clinical and dry, but I certainly do want to tell you all about him. He is smart, handsome, a flatterer and a good service boy. So, I think I will give you a run down of a couple of instances inside my head with him.

  He bought me iced tea, and here we were talking to no end about kink and experiences and other tempting things in the middle of the yuppy coffee franchise.  The man beside us plugs in ear buds to keep from hearing the politically incorrect, blatant conversation.  I had told him previously to get in my fucking car because he wanted to be a silly boy and walk miles in the dark to get home, and now here was this cute physicist geek, grinning at me unsuspectingly, as I try not to devour him whole in the espresso laden cafe. I tell this new, shiny boy that I need to get going now, and instruct him to come out to my car with me.  We walk out, and I look at him… I would love to kiss him, but get self-conscious last-minute and hug him instead… Even when I’m dominant, I can chicken out. 🙂

  Lying in bed naked with my laptop on my tits… it sounds terribly sexy, but it’s just what I do… I sit reviewing the negotiation list Pet filled out at my request. I highlight the highest rated activities in yellow, and smile at the comments. Plans of pain dance through my head. We had a delightful evening last week of making out, his service, and I giggle thinking of the shouts from friends to ‘get a room!”  We have been talking for several days straight about what we are looking for.  He calls me Princess now… A girl could get used to this.

  He sighs as I run my nails over his back, and bite hard into his shoulder. A giggle escapes me as his shoulder turns purple. Oh, this boy will be fun! We kiss wildly, with reckless abandon for an hour or more. Gods, how I love making out! I’ve missed the dance of breath, the ebb and flow of heat as one person pushes hard, waiting for the other to respond. GAH! Awesome!

Grinning, I test how much my little pet can take. An experiment in pain. I bite his legs, dig my nails deep into his flesh, sink my teeth into his wrists. I’m getting heady from his moans and pleading whisper.  Turned on, getting hotter, I allow him to kiss me again, his fingers trailing my sides down to my wet pussy. He tries to start pumping hard into my slick lips but I whisper to go deep and slow at first. We keep kissing as he fingers me til I am dripping. “Harder,” I command. He pulses hard with his fingers, speeding his pace. He bites and licks my tits. My hips pull back and forth on his hand, and I can’t help but start to shout out as I get closer and closer to the edge. He starts to pound his fingers into me, as I scream in pleasure. I can hear him goading me, begging me for more, my cum covering his fingers… seeping onto his comforter. I cum hard and over and over again throughout the afternoon, stopped only when the maintenance man knocks on the apartment door to do work… I wonder just what he thought of the pet answering the door in a blanket, covered in bruises and bite marks. *GRIN* A question for another day.

I think, oh yes, I think this delightful, sweet, sensual, and caring boy will get to stay at my feet for some time. I want this Pet for my very own.